Running a small business is no easy task and keeping costs low is vital. Offering something extra to your employees, such as a workplace flu clinic, may be something you wouldn’t normally consider because you’re afraid of the cost. It turns out, offering a workplace flu clinic could actually save you money. It may sound too good to be true, but these facts prove that it isn’t! 

Saving Money for Your Business and Employees

Workplace flu clinics are money savers for your business and employees alike. Employers save money because they aren’t losing employees to sick days and trips to the doctor’s office, while employees save money by not missing work because of the flu! If you were to calculate the cost of the money and profits you lose each year because of sick employees, you’d be surprised to see how high the number really is. Employees often try to come to work even when they’re sick to avoid losing pay, but a flu shot will help prevent the illness altogether. 

Convenience of Care

Employees are more likely to receive their flu vaccine through a workplace flu clinic because it’s convenient. They don’t have to make any special stops, schedule any appointments, or fit it into their busy schedule. They can simply go to work and get vaccinated while they’re there! It’s also convenient for employers because you won’t have to deal with employees missing part of their work day or showing up late because they had to make time to get their flu shot elsewhere. 

Improved Productivity

When employees come to work while they’re sick, productivity suffers. The flu causes symptoms including fatigue, difficulty focusing, headaches, and muscle aches. All of those symptoms are sure to lower the productivity of your sick employees. If one employee comes to work sick, others are bound to get sick too! This cycle creates not just a day of decreased productivity, but a whole season of it. Encouraging your staff to get vaccinated will reduce the risk for decreased productivity and improve morale at the same time. 

To schedule your workplace flu clinic for your small business, give our urgent care center a call today! Your current employee health plan should even cover the cost of the vaccines for your employees. Don’t wait, peak flu season will be here before you know it!