Cold and flu season is a time of year that people dread, but no matter what, it always ends up coming anyways. Having a cold is never fun, but not knowing what’s causing that cold is even worse! Knowing what causes a cold can not only help you get better more quickly now, but it could help prevent a cold in the future. 

Common cold treatment via telemedicine urgent care

The good news for patients is that AFC Urgent Care Shelton can provide telemedicine urgent care visits for a variety of urgent care needs including common cold symptoms! Instead of leaving the house, patients can simply use their computer or phone to get treatment from an AFC provider!

What is a Common Cold?

A common cold is a type of rhinovirus that enters your body through your mouth, nose, or eyes. It’s a type of upper respiratory infection that generally isn’t very serious but should be avoided anyway. Common colds can lead to ear infections, sinus infections, and bronchitis if you don’t recover quickly. 

How Do They Spread?

Since a cold is a virus, they’re highly contagious. The only way to catch a cold is by getting it from someone who already has the virus. This can happen directly or indirectly. If someone sneezes or coughs near you without covering their mouth, droplets can go into your nose or mouth, exposing you to the infection. You can also be exposed indirectly through contact with an infected surface. If someone with a cold touches their eyes, nose, or mouth, then touches a surface, and you touch that surface, you now have the virus on your hands. 


Now that we know a cold is caused by contact with someone else who has a cold, what can you do to prevent a cold in the future? The best way to lower your risk of catching a cold is to practice good hand hygiene. Good hand hygiene means washing your hands regularly throughout the day for at least 20 seconds each time. You should also avoid touching common surfaces like door handles, railings, and elevator buttons with your hands. If you do have to touch a commonly touched surface, wash your hands quickly afterwards. Anytime you’re in public you should avoid touching your face, since any surface could be carrying the cold virus without you knowing. 

If you are suffering from a cold and need medical advice or treatment, your local urgent care center can help! With convenient locations and hours and affordable pricing, urgent care is the best option when you need treatment without waiting for an appointment. Urgent care is designed with the patient in mind, so let us help make you feel better!