COVID-19 has impacted over 1 million patients across the United States. Positive cases are now closer to 2 million patients as the need for testing, social distancing, and accessible healthcare services continues to grow.

However, with many patients staying at home due to COVID-19 it could mean that deferred care has grown tremendously in the last few months. Deferred care, or any healthcare that patients needs but purposely delayed, is on the rise since many are afraid or vulnerable to leave their homes. But the good news is that telemedicine urgent care provides a safe and accessible way for patients to get care.

Patients challenged by the various dangers and healthcare circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic can use our simple and effective telemedicine services to get the care they need right away.

Telemedicine allows patients to get care while in quarantine

COVID-19 has caused a variety of cities and towns to shutdown, which has also led to many working from home or staying at home to reduce infection risks. But if patients need healthcare, and don’t want to compromise their quarantine, then telemedicine is extremely helpfu.

Patients can book telemedicine urgent care online, which means that they don’t have to leave their house for an appointment. Additionally, all telemedicine visits are done at home and through an internet connected device. Your provider uses video and audio during a virtual face-to-face consultation. Telemedicine allows patients to get treatment, through the expertise of their provider, for acute illness symptoms and conditions.

Medical care without a commute or in-person visit

Patients at home may also simply be busy with work-from-home tasks, child care, and other responsibilities that fill up your schedule. Thankfully, telemedicine allows even the busiest patients to get care when they need it.

As symptoms arise, it may be difficult to travel for healthcare. Patients may also want to ensure that they are home to address important work or child care needs. With telemedicine, patients just simply have to book care at their convenience on their mobile device or computuer.

The extra time it takes to drive, plan, and prepare for an urgent care visit can be a lot for patients that are trying to juggle many responsibilities at once. But a virtual appointment with a telemedicine provider helps make it easier to get a quick check-in from your provider.

Affordable urgent care services for your needs

Telemedicine visits are covered by most major health insurances, which means that a telemedicine visit is more cost effective than some walk-in visits. Patients simply have to book an appointment in order to get the care they need ASAP without worrying about addditional costs.

We recommend that you consult your health plan provider in order determine your benefits coverage. Additionally, out-of-pocket rates for telemedicine are very affordable and are usually lower than the cost of an in-office visit.