Patients over the age of 60 are more likely to experience health complications throughout their life, which means they’ll want to keep with as many medical appointments possible. Thankfully, AFC Urgent Care Shelton provides senior citizen healthcare in the form of common and immediate urgent care services.

Sometimes, healthcare providers including primary care offices, emergency rooms, and similar medical facilities are not open right when older family members need care. In these instances, senior citizen healthcare may require the use of urgent care services to provide treatment. The good news for older adults is that urgent care provides a variety of immediate medical services with extremely fast access:

Urgent care medical access for geriatric patients

At AFC Urgent Care Shelton, urgent care is a useful medical outlet for older, geriatric patients that need to keep up with important medical services. For example, a sudden injury may lead to a worsening of other medical conditions if not treated immediately. A list of some of the urgent care services that we can help patients with includes:

  • Injury treatment: A sudden slip or fall can compound into a worsened medical condition. At AFC Urgent Care Shelton we can triage sudden injuries and stabilize your condition for a future medical appointment. Additionally, AFC Urgent Care provides x-rays for patients to evaluate the extend of injuries.
  • Blood work and lab testing: Illnesses that are diagnosed as soon as possible are more likely to be treatable or manageable. Urgent care offers blood work and lab testing to accurately determine the illness or health status.
  • Preventive care: Exams like blood pressure screenings and cholesterol checks are necessary to keep chronic diseases and other risks under control. Visit urgent care to get these services via a walk-in clinic.

If you have any questions about our geriatric care services, please contact us directly or visit us at 389 Bridgeport Ave. in Shelton, CT.