At AFC Shelton, we’re here to provide with healthcare services that keep you healthy outside of the doctor’s office. That’s why on top of our urgent care services we also provide wellness screenings, preventive care, and similar medical guidance for our patients and our community. 

At AFC Shelton we believe that keeping on top of your overall health requires both commitment and excellent preventive care services. That’s why we’re open on both weekdays and weekends to provide an exceptional urgent care experience.

Patients can come in and follow up with our urgent care team for a variety of wellness services including:

  • Personalized patient-focused care
  • Blood pressure screenings
  • Diagnostic exams for blood sugar and cholesterol
  • STD screenings and tests
  • Coordinated care and referrals from board-certified physicians
  • Lab tests to diagnose illnesses including influenza and other infectious diseases
  • Preventive vaccinations for common diseases and viruses

Interested patients should call ahead to AFC Shelton at 203.567.4171, or visit us as 389 Bridgeport Ave. In addition, patients don’t need an appointment to visit us. Simply walk in and we’ll be with in just a few short minutes!

If you need directions to AFC Urgent Care Shelton, then use the link below to quickly find the fastest route to our facility!

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