backpacksYou want to send your child off to school in good health, from their nutritional breakfast to their school lunches.  You also want to make sure they won’t get injured while they’re on school grounds.  But one essential item every student needs might lead to an jury.

A necessity for any student, backpacks hold your essentials such as textbooks, notebooks and supplies that you’ll need for a successful school day.  Even though a good backpack provides convenience and functionality, they come with a set or risks due to neck or back injury from heaviness. Here are a few reasons why types of injuries that result from heavy backpacks. 

Understanding Backpack Related Injuries

Many students may suffer from backpack-related injuries that affect their back or neck area, usually stemming from the backpack being too heavy or being carried and filled improperly.  There are plenty of ways students can avoid injuries, but many don’t know what those are.  Some injuries that may occur from a backpack-related injury include: 

Chronic Pain – After many years of lugging their backpacks around, many students feel chronic pain which affects the back or neck area, and can lead to poor posture from hunching over.

Muscle strain – Heavy backpacks can also cause severe muscle strain in the back or neck, which can become worse from continuing to carry the backpack.

Falling – A heavy backpack can cause students to hunch or lean forward as they walk, which can make them  much more susceptible to falling.  A falling accident can lead to further injury such as bruises, cuts, and even broken bones.  

How to Prevent Backpack Related Injuries

To have a safe and healthy school year with no backpack-related injuries, students should take heed to lowering the weight of their backpacks, and load their backpacks from heaviest to lightest, leaving heavy textbooks and binders in the back of the backpack, and lighter supplies toward the front.  Students should also carry a backpack on both shoulders and and is fitted properly to prevent injuries.