exerciseBeing involved in sports, working out, or other forms of physical activity not only keep your body strong and healthy, but can prevent injuries, too.  Injuries have both short-term and long-term consequences, which can put the fun of participation and the health benefits of exercise on hold until fully recovered.  

One of the best ways to prevent getting injured while being physically active is to keep your body in shape, but unfortunately, you may not be able to get the daily exercise that you should.  And without a proper fitness regimen, you could find yourself seeking medical treatment for an injury. So let’s take a look at why exercise is important to staying healthy and preventing injuries.

Why Exercise is Important

Physical activity is important for a lot of things!  From keeping your heart healthy, to being able to perform day-to-day tasks efficiently, physical fitness plays a huge role in different areas of your life.

If you have a job, such as construction work, that requires you to be physically active, you’re more likely to be in great shape because you’re body has been trained to be able to handle the job.

And if you enjoy being involved in sports or working out, you’re encouraging your body to be strong in every area, making it less likely that you’ll sustain an injury.

However, it’s important to make sure you’re not overworking your body and performing the proper techniques.  

Here are a few tips for success:

  1. Practice stretching and warming up before jumping into a workout or physical activity
  2. Stay fit year-round so you’re always ready when a seasonal sport comes back around
  3. Wear the right equipment that is designed specially for the sport being played
  4. Give your body a rest period to recover from strenuous activity  
  5. Drink plenty of fluids throughout activity to avoid dehydration and muscle cramping

What to do if you get injured

If you do happen to get injured, it’s important to seek urgent medical care.  Injuries that are sustained during physical activity can be more serious than they seem.  That sprained ankle could actually be a fracture, and continuing to play on it can cause further damage.  A quick visit to AFC Urgent Care Shelton could be just what you need to ensure your injury is nothing too serious. Our walk-in clinic is fully equipped with an on-site digital x-ray system that enables us to deliver quick results so you can recover and get back to normal!

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