Urgent care centers are the fastest-growing segment of medical care, growing in several cities. More and more patients find that the quality treatment urgent care centers provide, and the affordable costs are an exceptional alternative to other providers!

One of the primary needs that urgent care centers treat are for viruses, especially during the winter months. Let’s take a deeper look at exactly how urgent care treats a patient that comes in with a virus and how they work to prevent viruses in the future. 

Virus and Illness Diagnosis 

First, the urgent care staff has to diagnose the virus. The urgent care team conducts a diagnosis in a couple of ways. 

First, the urgent care staff will review your medical history and ask you about your current symptoms. They’ll also ask how long symptoms been going on and if they’re continuing to get worse. 

Next, urgent care providers may perform a few tests to rule out bacterial infections. This can include swabs, blood tests, and more. Urgent care providers and nursing staff will listen to your lungs and heart, take your blood pressure, and determine how your health is currently doing. 

Finally, the urgent care team diagnoses your symptoms and develops a treatment plan. 

Virus Treatment 

Treatment of viruses depends on what your symptoms are. If you need treatment for dehydration, they’ll probably give you IV fluids or a specially formulated nutritional drink. For fever, they’ll offer a fever reducer or recommend an over-the-counter option. If the virus has led to other issues, such as a sinus infection, you may need to get an antibiotic prescription. Ultimately, your treatment will depend on your individual case. A follow-up visit won’t be needed if your symptoms resolve. Still, if the virus persists, you may need to make a second trip to discuss other treatment options


Urgent care centers put focus on preventing viruses before they occur. This time of year, the flu is the primary virus. Urgent care centers offer flu shots that are covered in full by most major insurance companies or at a very low cost out of pocket. Even though it’s winter, it isn’t too late to get your flu shot! 

Urgent care centers also remind you of the importance of regularly washing your hands to prevent a viral infection. Also, stay home if you’re sick, and sneeze or cough into your elbow instead of your hands to avoid other infections

If you think you’re suffering from a virus or if you’re in need of preventative care, stop in today! You can learn more about our services and everything we have to offer on our website. Don’t delay your treatment journey any longer!