The common cold is one of the most infectious seasonal illnesses known in the United States and beyond. A common cold is the result of a viral infection in the upper respiratory tract from a rhinovirus, which can lead to well-known symptoms such as couching, sneezing, sniffling, fever, nausea, headaches, and others.

Nearly 2-3 adults have at least one cold per year, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Even more children are likely to have more than a single cold due to the close proximity with other students during the school year and the peak of cold season. The chances of getting a seasonal cold are extremely high, but they can be prevented with a few self-care methods.

So why is it likely that you got a cold? What should you do once you have cold and flu symptoms that need treatment?

A Lack of Hygiene, Self-Care, and Prevention leads to a cold

Washing your hands throughout cold and flu season is the most effective way to prevent a cold. Maintaining a clean household, getting a flu shot, avoiding public spaces with infected patients, and using frequent hand sanitizes are simple, yet effective, methods for preventing seasonal illness. Also make sure to keep your mouth covered if you cough or sneeze. An effective way to do this is by coughing/sneezing into your elbow to avoid contact with your hand.

When patients don’t take the time to effectively disinfect themselves, personal spaces, or their household, then it may allow germs that carry the common cold to travel into your upper respiratory system. Additionally, look out for public health alerts that indicate when certain events or communities are at risk for an outbreak of the common cold.

Whenever a patient doesn’t take the time to perform these actions, it is likely to lead to a common cold since the disease can travel rapidly in local communities. Especially in the winter, the common cold is able to travel via airborne transmission and can quickly spread in confined areas like schools and offices.

Visit Urgent Care to Treat Common Colds

The good news for patients is that the common cold is treatable at any urgent care center! The team at AFC Urgent Care Shelton can provide common cold treatment for patients that need to visit on a walk-in basis for treatment! Simply visit us whenever common cold symptoms flare up and our urgent care team can provide symptom relief for any of your needs!