Right now, hospitals are overflowing with COVID-19 patients. For this reason, doctors across the United States are discouraging people from coming to the hospitals. At this point, treating people with mild symptoms is not as important as treating people suffering from a severe condition related to a confirmed COVID-19 infection. 

For this reason, you must learn how to assess some of your symptoms. Accurate, confident, and well-informed self-assessments will save doctors from wasting time on less critical cases. Additionally self-assessments keep patients at home, save time for patients, and can even help reduce care costs as well.

Health providers around the country urge the patients to self-assess before they come in for testing the virus for the benefit of communities and providers alike. Here is a breakdown guide on how to accurately self-asses for COVID-19.

How to Self Assess

Currently, there are multiple methods to self-assess your symptoms. Now, Google has designed an effective self-assessment test, which you can fill in for free. In case you get positive results, you can confirm it by taking the legitimate test of your choice to ensure you contracted the virus.  

You can take the Google self-assessment test from this link

On the other hand, you can also call up your nearest care center for free. You can inform them about the symptoms you are suffering from, and the representative on the line might ask you a few questions to join dots if you have the correct symptoms of the virus. 

You can also call up your respective telemedicine service provider, and they will also do the same thing. They will screen all your COVID-19 symptoms. If you have mild symptoms, they might tell you effective techniques to overcome them. 

However, when you are self-assessing, make sure you are not exaggerating your symptoms. You need to relax before the self-assessment session. For a reason, your self-assessment might go wrong and waste money on the COVID-19 testing. 

Your mind is very powerful, and it can generate pseudo symptoms. Nevertheless, panicking can cause pseudo symptoms. For this reason, you need to relax. Calm down and make objective evaluations during periods of reduced stress.

The generation of the self-assessment test on online forums and via care center services might be the best solution for stopping people from coming in for tests. It is saving a lot of effort and time. Now, doctors can put more time into saving patients lives than testing the COVID-19 negative patients.