Thanksgiving is almost here and that means festive foods of every type. Thanksgiving is a time that we all look forward to each year, but it’s also a time when health tends to be thrown to the wayside. Instead of using this holiday as an excuse to eat poorly, use it as a time to expose your family to how delicious healthy foods can be! 

Creating Healthy Traditions

Thanksgiving comes with many traditional recipes and some people assume that if they eat healthy, they no longer get to enjoy those traditions. That couldn’t be further from the truth! Healthy recipes on Thanksgiving isn’t about replacing traditions, it’s just about turning unhealthy traditions into healthy ones. You’ll still get to enjoy the same authentic, traditional Thanksgiving flavors. You’ll just get to do so knowing you aren’t harming your health in the process! 

Recipes to try

Making thanksgiving healthy can be a daunting task. Make it easier by trying out one of these healthy recipes that we love! 

  • Green Bean Casserole – this recipe maintains the traditional green bean casserole flavor we all know and love without filling you up with heavy creams and carbs. With more fresh ingredients and less processed carbs, it’s sure to be a hit. 


  • Holiday Roasted Vegetablesif your holiday table always includes the obligatory bowl of side salad that is left to wilt because it’s easily overlooked, this holiday roasted vegetable medley is for you. Seasonal vegetables are roasted together to create a flavorful, warm, and filling side that packs in the nutritional value. Ditch the side salad and try this out instead! 
  • Bloomin’ Apples – apple pie is a staple Thanksgiving dessert, but what if there was a way to make it healthier? Bloomin apples are the perfect way to enjoy the traditional apple pie flavor without the unnecessary carbs and calories found in the crust. Plus, they’re easier to make! Serve with a scoop of vanilla frozen yogurt to create the healthiest apple pie ala mode around. 


For more advice on how to make your Thanksgiving feast a little healthier, talk to your local healthcare provider. They can provide more information about exactly how many calories you should be eating per day, incorporating exercise into your routine, and so much more. If you don’t have a primary care provider, visit your local urgent care center for a physical to find out where your health stands!