College students, in general, find themselves in a unique position. The crazy schedules, high-stress levels, and on-the-go lifestyle often lead to poor health and safety choices. While we aren’t expecting to turn your lifestyle around wholly, we hope that some of these lifestyle changes will leave a significant impact on your health!

What You Put into Your Body Matters

Making healthy choices for what you eat and drink has impactful consequences on your overall health. Try to make healthy dietary changes that are easy to maintain in your hectic lifestyle. Keep healthy snacks in your bag, make time to eat meals, and be sure the meals you do eat have at least some nutritional value. Healthy water intake should be combined with a balanced diet to help your body and mind stay on track! Avoid sugary and caffeinated beverages too, no matter how tempting they may be. They’re loaded with sugar and calories that will undoubtedly lead to a freshman 15, even if you aren’t a freshman anymore!


Never underestimate the value of sleep. It may be tempting to pull an all-nigher to study or party, but staying up will throw your health and safety off their axis. A lack of sleep impacts your memory, focus, and attention to detail throughout the day. An essential part of staying healthy in college is knowing when to turn the lights off and get a good night’s rest. The work you need to do will be waiting for you in the morning.

Hand Washing

College campuses are the perfect opportunity for germs and bacteria to thrive. Throughout your busy day, be sure to take the time to wash your hands regularly. If you often forget and find yourself too busy to wash your hands, carry a personal size bottle of hand sanitizer with you at all times. As a general rule of thumb, you should avoid touching your face while on campus during peak flu season. Eyes, nose, and mouth are the areas that germs and bacteria can easily infiltrate.

Don’t Stress

College is a stressful experience. While we can’t expect you to wipe away all of that stress, we can highly recommend you find a way to decrease it! Finding a healthy outlet for negative emotions is vital to lowering your stress levels. Go to the gym, meditate, listen to music – whatever helps you to clear your mind and stop stressing, set aside time for it each and every day.