Holiday gift wrapping is one of the many joys of the season for some, for others, it’s a chore that they dread. Regardless of which side you fall on, it’s essential to follow certain precautions while you wrap your gifts.

Choose the Right Surface

Many people wrap their gifts on the floor, but the awkward positioning is terrible for your back. Bending over, reaching, and getting in awkward positions as you wrap your gifts will quickly put a painful strain on your back. The best angle to wrap presents from can be found in a standing position at a table or countertop. Standing allows you to move around your gifts and supplies without reaching or straining your back. If you don’t have a place to stand or your feet get tired, sitting at a table can be acceptable as well. If you’re sitting be sure to watch your posture and don’t overextend too far to reach supplies.

Create a Workspace

Before you begin wrapping any gifts, create a workspace for yourself. This space should including the tips, wrapping paper, tape, scissors, name tags, and any other decorations you want to put on the gifts. A weighted tape dispenser is ideal for gift wrapping because you can grab the tape with just one hand and it puts less strain on your wrists. If you’re wrapping any gifts over 35 pounds, ask a friend or family member to help you lift it onto the workspace and then place it under the tree after it has been wrapped. Creating an organized workspace will allow you to get your wrapping done quickly and efficiently without putting the strain on your body. Leave your workspace every 30 minutes to stretch your muscles and enjoy a candy cane or two. Sitting or standing for too long will put a strain on your eyes and take the fun out of a job!

Skip the Wrapping

If you genuinely dread wrapping gifts or don’t have the time, don’t cover them! Purchasing gift bags or decorative gift boxes are a natural alternative to wrapping presents. You won’t have to worry about cutting, taping, or folding. Be sure to stay at a safe height to avoid strain on your back as you prepare your gifts, even if you won’t be wrapping them. Remember, the holidays aren’t about the awards and your friends, and family members wouldn’t want you to be miserable while forcing yourself to wrap their gifts!