Looking to get your commercial drivers’ license?  AFC Urgent Care Shelton can help you out!

Our walk-in urgent care center administers DOT physicals seven days a week for drivers looking to get their CDL.  To get your CDL, you have to complete a physical examination ever two years to measure your ability to properly drive and operate a commercial vehicle.

Requirements include:

  • Vision must be 20/40 correctable in each eye and combined, with or without correction
  • Ability to determine the difference between the colors of traffic lights
  • Ability to hear a forced whisper at a distance of at least 5 feet
  • Controlled blood pressure according to the FMCSA guidelines
  • Blood sugar must be no higher than 200, and will need a waiver if on insulin
  • No indication of substance abuse
  • If diagnosed with diabetes, sleep apnea, vision problems, or cardiac problems, an exemption may be required, which should be brought with you to the medical exam

For more information about our DOT physicals or our employer services, please contact us at 203.567.4171.