This year has stressed the importance of good healthcare for employees in a variety of workplace settings. For employers, finding a cost-effective way to offer healthcare perks is no small task.

Employees leaving work for 3-6 hours to go to a doctor’s appointment, trips to the emergency room, and other miscellaneous healthcare needs puts a big dent in productivity. With COVID-19 requiring some workplaces to do daily screenings of each employee, the challenges continue to build. Urgent care centers offer on-site health services that act as a great tool to solve all of these issues and give your employees the care that they need.

Is My Workplace Eligible for Urgent Care Services?

Urgent care centers can provide workplace healthcare for almost any industry. Rather you have just a handful of employees or hundreds, on-site urgent care services can be extremely beneficial. In order to determine exactly what types of on-site services you need, how frequently you need them, and what times you need them, you should contact a local urgent care center with details about your workplace and employees.

COVID-19 Services

On-site urgent care services are beneficial for lots of reasons, but one of the most notable at this time are the COVID-19 services. Daily COVID-19 screenings that check the temperature and exposure risk of each employee before they enter the workplace is an essential part of keeping your workplace open and keeping your employees safe. Preforming those daily screenings accurately yourself is almost impossible but trained urgent care staff can do it all for you with ease! Covid-19 testing and antibody testing are also helpful on-site tools that can be used to keep your workplace covid-free.

Flu Vaccines

Flu vaccines are extremely effective at limiting the risk of contracting and spreading the flu. By offering on-site flu vaccines to your employees, it makes it easier than ever for them to get vaccinated! With a lower chance of getting the flu, they have a lower chance of missing any time at work and slowing down productivity. The range of urgent care on-site workplace services can be tailored to meet your needs and budget. This page is a great resource for more detailed information on on-site urgent care services. Everyone should be getting their flu shot ASAP if they haven’t already, so contact your local urgent care today to get started!